Images of The Wonders of the Universe!
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These are some of the most astounding images from the Nasa Archives used In the Dark Skies Jewellery collection. If you would like to see and to know more about these and many others then please follow the link  or if you would like to know more about the International Dark Skies Association this is their website

Carina Nebula

More than 100 times the mass of our sun, Eta Carina is such a massive star that it can barely hold itself together. Over the years it has brightened and faded as material has exploded away from it's surface. It is believed that it may die in a supernova explosion within our lifetime. Eta Carina sits within the Carina Nebula that is located in the southern portion of our Milky Way galaxy, 10,000 light years from Earth This massive cloud of gas and dust stretches across 200 light years of space.