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These stylish cufflinks are presented in a quality cufflink box and include a small photocard which has information about the Crab Nebula on the reverse. The inside is left blank for you to write your own message or greetings.The "gems" are 16mm domed crystal clear glass cabochons which have a very high res image set within them and are fixed into a sturdy rhodium plated cufflink base. A great gift 
for star gazers!

Crab Nebula Cufflinks

  • This view of the iconic Crab Nebula, as viewed by the Herschel Space Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope, lies within our own Milky Way Galaxy, and shows the remains of the supernova explosion that was first observed by Chinese astronomers in the year 1054.
    While studying this wispy cloud of gas and dust, a team of astronomers has detected emission lines from argon hydride, a molecular ion containing the noble gas argon. This is the first detection of a noble-gas based compound in space.

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