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These little pins can be used either as a Tie Pin or as a Brooch. The high resolution image sit behind a crystal clear rounded 2cm glass cabochon which is set into a silver plated base. It is presented on a small high quality photo card which has a short description of the galaxy on the reverse and is blank on the inside for you to write any message or greetings. 


The Small Magellanic Cloud is a small dwarf galaxy about 200,000 light years away from our own Milky Way galaxy. It was named after the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan who first used it to help him navigate across the oceans in the sixteenth century. It is one of our closest galactic neighbours, and can be seen unaided with the naked eye from the Southern Hemisphere near the equator.


The SMC is so close and bright that modern astronomers have, for the first time, been able to detect X-ray emissions from young stars outside of our own galaxy, with masses similar to our sun.

Magellanic Cloud Galaxy Pin

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